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Monday and school

It was not even hard to get up at 06.15 this morning.

Woke up a little tough, but so pissed at school and all fellow students!
A whole new week with new challenges and trials. I am the first student in place at school, which is often the case, it helps me to land and adjust without being stressed by others (not their fault but it is due to my diagnoses) .. I am doing my best to be able to facilitate for myself . So the whole day does not get crazy for me…

A strange thing that happened on the way to school was that when I passed Kolbäck (small town in Västmanland) I got such extreme pressure on my chest and a feeling of panic.

It was very hard 😦

Because I do not know where they came from .. or why…

There has been a lot of information to take in today .. Is completely out of my mind… tired and energyless .. So it will be an evening in front of the TV and rest ..

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare

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My weekend

Friday was quiet, was home and watched TV all evening.

Saturday offered some shopping with my good friend A. Eskilstuna welcomed us with rain, rain and more rain. Found 2 tank tops, a backpack and a new card holder as my old one does not hold the cards in place anymore…

Our plan was to visit a flea market as well but there was an incredibly long queue in there so we skipped it and plan to go there another time and be there before they open so you do not have to stand in line for any length of time. Glad it has become so popular with flea markets and second-hand…

Home, watched TV looking for good horror movies to watch… but there are no new ones. Have seen everyone ever made I think. Took me a warm shower, made some food and continued my eventful evening in front of the TV…

Today is Sunday and I have fun washing, shopping and doing the extremely hard activity of hair washing. Sounds weird but with long hair it takes time not only to shampoo and rinse .. it takes extremely long time to rinse and get rid of everything… then conditioner or hair wrap .. It takes me a whole day to dry my hair then.

I never use a hair dryer as it takes too long and too hard to stand for so long. My Sundays usually look something like this .. I like routines very much.

I need to clean the apartment but I don’t know if I can handle it today.

The sun has looked ahead and there is ice all over the roads.

You get dazzled and easily fall over … so be careful if you go out!

picture from New Year’s Eve

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare

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Fridays Bouquet …

Today has been an eventful day.

I went grocery shopping to my dad and drove and delivered them.
So slippery of all the ice on the road! Dad lives out in the country and at times it was pure ice … very uncomfortable but I grew up there so I’m used to it. But it is just as uncomfortable every time any how…

But now to what the headline says…
I have prepared, planned and created a stapled bouquet for bridesmaids. It was harder than I had expected.
But still fun. The most difficult thing was actually not stalking (explains what it is further down) but it was not to put the flowers in a spiral .. something we have been practicing since day 1 and just that has stuck properly. Come on myself several times to put in a spiral 🤦🏼‍♀️

But now I will try to explain what stalking is, it is when you shorten the flower stalk and attach to it a stalk wire (a form of steel wire that is available in different thicknesses) you do it by inserting the thread into the stem and then wrapping it with flora tape to close the cut surface so that the water in them does not evaporate so quickly. This is done so that the stand / handle on the bouquet will be neat and narrow.

It is very fussy as it is so easy that you take in a little too hard and can happen to break the stem or that you stick too far and it goes up through the crown itself.

You should always keep in mind that there must not be anything that can harm the customer. Finish by wrapping flora tape to tie all the ”stems” together and then attach a nice ribbon around the handle for a nice finish.

Now I will get ready for a visit to the curator.

Then it’s Friday night all evening😌

Bouquet in the sun

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare