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Tuesday and the sun is shining!

Had a visit from 2 ladybugs today, absolutely wonderful! Life is flowing out today. However, I was super tired this morning, just wanted to stay in bed .. it was so nice there

Took a picture of the car roof when I was out today, how nice it is not with these crystals in the sunlight. Stood for a long time and looked at it…
Must have looked quite odd for people to see.. I feel grateful for life… but it is so fragile…

This new wave of covid is spreading far too fast, many around me who have fallen ill .. 😦 But none of them seem to have been seriously affected.

Sketch made by me

A nice day and I hope tomorrow will be just as good.
How has your day been?
Have you had sun where you live?

/ Liljekonvaljens Kammare