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Life on a stick..🌸

My week has been good, grateful for my wonderful teachers and classmates. Feeling so strong in their company. In addition, this week’s tasks have been super fun, I felt so happy and satisfied with the result. I rarely feel satisfied and proud of myself and my work.

Feeling more or less often failed and that my work was not good at all. Have such high demands on myself. Feel that I never do the job well enough, that it just got shit from everything and I want to ruin it so that no one else will have time to see my ”ugly” work.

Still struggling with troublesome nightmares after the recent events that shook me. Panic, discomfort and anxiety, every day is the same thing. The fear of meeting the person in question, how going to behave. After my previous post, I received messages from That asked ”if I felt happy to write about what happened ..” later wrote that ”It must feel good to print on social media and blackmail a person ..” Remember not literally what was written… But you understand… I did not mention any names or if it is a female or a man it is about… STILL must write to me and increase my discomfort. My fear. I would NEVER print the names of people without my person’s permission. thinks I’m looking for confirmation via social media.

My instagram has become a platform adventure I can show my floristic works and create a digital portfolio.

My blog is for my sake and for those who want to read who may recognize themselves in my texts. I could never demand or force anyone to read or comment. It is each individual’s choice. I am grateful to those who follow me and read my posts. It makes me happy.

So now we drop that.. Thought i would share pictures from this week’s creations at school. Had so much fun and I have to admit that one of the works looks like chaos, but that’s a bit of a point. And that work helped me lower the demands on myself. Longing until I can do them again !!

Hair decoration
This is the work I was writing about. In love with it! It’s a funeral decoration in vegetative style…
A hair wreath for midsummer maybe…

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare

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I do not know what to write for the title, there is so much in my head with everything.
Sick with earache and fever, pain in the whole body, panic over the entrepreneurship that must be submitted tomorrow Sunday.

And I feel extremely useless.

Do not understand how the hell it could have become like this ..I felt so good and everything felt so good and now I am at the bottom of the depths again.

And if it was not hard enough, a very close friend of the family passed away… my grandfather’s special person.. we always called her Aunt S… she was the closest I had to grandma.
I understand that it is a part of life, but it hurts just as much every time. Even though she was 94 years old, it came as a shock.

Since 2018, someone close to me has passed away… one every year since then… my biggest fear now is losing my beloved B-L (grandmother) only she has left now (besides my family). The person I love so much and with whom I can share everything. It was her I called when I entered the education, it is her I only call when I have something to tell… I know that the day will come when I have to say goodbye. But oh wow I hope they do not happen in the next 25 years (it is not impossible) !!!

Life goes in waves, but right now it feels like an extreme roller coaster.

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare

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Bridal bouquet

Today I have sketched on a bridal bouquet that will fit a dress that belongs to a certain era.
We got to choose a dress from the Nordic Museum’s exhibition Nordiska Paris , women’s tailoring.
My choice was pretty obvious. Love clothes from the 1950s.
So I have chosen a dress from that era and I think I have found my thing.

A lot of research is required to achieve within that era. Colors, style and what flowers there were .. And based on that we will create a bouquet in modernist with elements and foundations in the 1950s in my case..

I chose a lot of pastel colors – purple, pink, red-violet etc ..

The choice of material was quite simple in my opinion. Roses in purple, peony in pink and peony in red-violet and tulips in light pink, the green will be a lot of eucalyptus to get the playful feeling I am looking for.

Tomorrow, my sketch and idea will become a reality.
But here’s some pictures of my preparatory work

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare