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This is why I’ve been so quiet…

Then it was time to update a little on what happens in life .. Had it turbulent in private life. Was on sick leave at 100% due to this and has now returned to only being on sick leave 25%.

If I say like this, it will be a while before I intend to date someone and let that person into my life. My already chaotic past had another traumatic event to add .. Why can people not just behave properly? Trusting someone is big for me and I did it. But I got proof again that I should not do it. The fear of what happened still affects me but not as much. Despite the short time since the incident.

Another thing that increased with me is the fear and discomfort of people in combination with alcohol. It creates such a horrible and annoying stress. Gets panic disorder and just wants to escape the situation. I can ‘t handle it. I have previously been able to handle and have strategies for it .. But this took everything to a new level. Not being able to trust the person at all… that came home from work and took the opportunity to have a beer because wanted . At 14.00 on a Wednesday .. that I couldn’t be able to feel any security at all.. constant worry about whether will have drunk or not .. what awaits me when I get home? Will I hear comments about my friends… That they are not ”normal” to have boyfriends that you have contact with daily… but it is ”whore boys” that I have as a backup in case…

Yes you understand, it was not good… Despite everything I have already been through, I still felt guilty that I did something wrong even though I did not. So damn happy that it ended before it got even worse… BUT why did I forgive the first time and thought it would not happen again .. All the time nagging that I was secretive, hidden things etc.

I should NEVER let myself be ”owned” by anyone. I want to be free, have friends regardless of gender. If I want to sit with my mobile for a whole night, I should be able to do it without feeling guilty. Be accused of ignoring the person because you read but did not answer because you are busy… I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE ”US”… Needed to write everything off and empty my system.

/ Liljekonvaljens Kammare


Florist aspirant som älskar natur och skapande. Bor i lilla Köping där jag levt mer eller mindre hela mitt liv. Tycker om att upptäcka och utforska min omgivning.


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