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Sunny weekend

This weekend has offered so much sun so wonderful. The birds have gone completely crazy and got spring feelings, really hope that spring now comes with a little more heat and much less snow.

It felt so unnecessary with a blizzard and shit. Lost hope right away.

But is so happy anyway, smiles all the time and is so filled with butterflies in my whole body. I can’t believe that another human being can make you feel this way. Did not think it was possible. Not after everything I went through.

But it feels so heavenly good and I feel good about it. Feeling safe and taken care of, in a good way. He makes me feel seen and I feel comfortable in his company.

We are taking it slow and are getting to know each other properly, so it feels good that we are both on the same level.

In addition, it’s nice that he also has ADHD and understands me better than others on those planes. Not many others understand what it is like to live with that diagnosis.

Now I’ll watch some TV and later go to celebrate my brother who turns 33 tomorrow (actually 29/2) Then there are only 21 days left until my birthday… wow!

Hope you all had a super nice weekend and get off to a good start this week.

/ Liljekonvaljens Kammare

I wish that I would have seen the northern light when it was here… I borrowed this picture from google.


Florist aspirant som älskar natur och skapande. Bor i lilla Köping där jag levt mer eller mindre hela mitt liv. Tycker om att upptäcka och utforska min omgivning.


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