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Start of week 6..

It was an okay start to this week, Monday first we had product care, new cut on the material and change to new water .. of course we throw away what has bloomed or otherwise been destroyed or unusable.

When it was ready, there was a lecture on style and cultural history. It was sooo much fun and educational but it was so hard to sit still for that long and try to keep your concentration up at all times. I love history it has always been close to my heart so I enjoyed every second.

After that I was completely exhausted both mentally and physically. It was a little too much information to take in. So I went home when it was ready and I fell asleep almost directly on the couch…

Yesterday, Tuesday, it was a study visit to Stockholm at the Hallwyl museum (palace) unfortunately I did not follow as it had become too much impression and too long day as I am still on sick leave.

But I’m so impressed with today’s technology and possibilities, so I actually visited the museum at their website.

How amazing is not it? It was perfect for me who right now can not stay focused for too long, and can not handle too many people and travel ..

I am a bit jealous of my classmates who were there and saw it for real.

But have promised myself to visit it with Grandma when I feel better.

Link to their website further down…

Today is Wednesday and we will work in groups. It will be fun and exciting .. but I will write about that tomorrow ..

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare


Florist aspirant som älskar natur och skapande. Bor i lilla Köping där jag levt mer eller mindre hela mitt liv. Tycker om att upptäcka och utforska min omgivning.


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