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There may be a little longer time between my posts since I’m very tired and dull. I’m on sick leave 25% from this Tuesday .. and all my energy runs out in the morning when I am at school where my focus right now is located.

It’s really boring, I can not cope with anything else .. i come home from school at about 14.00 and falls asleep almost directly on the couch and sleeps almost the entire afternoon .. something that is even more hard is that after I wake up I only eat dinner and then puts me back and sleeps… then the time has been 19.00 and I can fall asleep again at 20.00.

So my life right now is like this… nothing happens… more than that I sleep and is in school .. I am absent there also due to my tiredness and my focus is somewhere else ..

Doing my very best right now with everything ..

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare


Florist aspirant som älskar natur och skapande. Bor i lilla Köping där jag levt mer eller mindre hela mitt liv. Tycker om att upptäcka och utforska min omgivning.


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