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Monday and school

It was not even hard to get up at 06.15 this morning.

Woke up a little tough, but so pissed at school and all fellow students!
A whole new week with new challenges and trials. I am the first student in place at school, which is often the case, it helps me to land and adjust without being stressed by others (not their fault but it is due to my diagnoses) .. I am doing my best to be able to facilitate for myself . So the whole day does not get crazy for me…

A strange thing that happened on the way to school was that when I passed Kolbäck (small town in Västmanland) I got such extreme pressure on my chest and a feeling of panic.

It was very hard 😦

Because I do not know where they came from .. or why…

There has been a lot of information to take in today .. Is completely out of my mind… tired and energyless .. So it will be an evening in front of the TV and rest ..

/Liljekonvaljens Kammare


Florist aspirant som älskar natur och skapande. Bor i lilla Köping där jag levt mer eller mindre hela mitt liv. Tycker om att upptäcka och utforska min omgivning.


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